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Harvesting Excellence, Delivering Exceptional Flavors Worldwide.

EURL AK Export commercializes various types of dates cultivated, processed, and exported. Our company has successfully reconciled tradition and modernity by implementing advanced processing techniques and maintaining strict quality standards, ensuring a product with unique flavors and exceptional taste. We believe in passion, hard work, and excellence in our business, resulting in impeccable quality of our products.

Date Palms
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More About AK EXPORT

Our Story

It all began a long time ago..
Our company is a family business established in 1932.
Dates are the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and have long been reserved for royal guests, also well-known for being a staple source of nutrition due to their high carbohydrate and potassium content. Just as nature provided these moist, delicious, and nutrient-rich fruits, it also provided the ideal location to nurture them well below sea level in the hot and dry climate of the Tolga plantations, in the southeast of Algeria where the company was founded."

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